Due November 1


Classification: Recognition
Name: ADM Zumwalt Award for Visionary Leadership
Purpose: To honor that Officer and senior enlisted person who most clearly exemplifies the extraordinary qualities, vision and incisiveness of the twentieth Chief of Naval Operations.

The award will be presented to those active duty Navy members in pay grade E-3 through O-4 who best exemplifies the ideals of Admiral Zumwalt, and demonstrates dynamic leadership, operational excellence, unselfish dedication to duty, visionary zeal and exemplary care for personnel under his or her direction. Two awards will be presented, one E3-E6 and one for E7-O4.

All nominations must be received by 01 November each year to qualify for selection.


The award will be determined by a panel of active duty or retired individuals selected by the Surface Navy Association Executive Committee (nominally one flag officer, two senior officers (O5-≠O6), two Junior officers (O3-O4), two senior enlisted (E6-E9) and a member from the sponsorís staff).

To be considered, potential recipients must be nominated in writing by an active duty member who may be equal or junior to them in rank/rate. Each nomination should be accompanied by an endorsement from the Commanding Officer.  Nominations should outline leadership qualities and stress visionary qualities. In particular, how an individual contributed both toward the increased effectiveness of his or her organization, and the welfare of its people, should be delineated.

The intent of the award is to empower junior officers and senior enlisted personnel to help recognize those who have improved the readiness of the Navy and the lives of those who man it, and who have the visionary talent that will benefit the Navy in the 21st century.

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* It is required that the nominator is junior or equal rank to the nominee. *









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