Classification: Recognition
Criteria: Active Duty Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist with the earliest date of qualification as received by the SNA before the announced closing date for nominations (nominees must submit appropriate certified true copies of Page 4 or ESWS Certificate).  Nominations received after the closing date that are of an earlier date of qualification of selected award winner will receive a letter of recognition only.  In the event of more than one nominee having the same ESWS qualification date, the recipient will be determined first by the most time at sea, and secondly, by the pay entry base date (PEBD).  If a candidate is qualified in more than one specialty area, their primary designation must be Surface Warfare.


Selection Committee based on inputs provided the Awards Board, verified by BuPers records.


Type of Recognition:

Engraved name tag added to base of the “The Chief.” statue which is held in sacred custody during his active duty tenure.  Statue is shifted upon retirement to the next “selected” recipient.



Award Date:

Upon retirement of the present Old Tar



Replica Award:


      a) A replica of The Chief statuette will be awarded by the President of SNA at the annual Symposium.

      b) The replica presentation serves to renew knowledge on the recognition; and as a reaffirmation
           of faith by SNA nationally that becoming an ESWS is, was, and will remain important.  The
           replica is provided for his retention for life with a “very well done.”


Miscellaneous Information:

If no Old Tar has retired that year ask the present Old Tar to say a few words at the banquet.  Introduce all previous Old Tars in the audience.

  Past Award Winners

Surface Navy Association

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Springfield, VA  22150