List of Awards



Admiral Zumwalt Award for Visionary Leadership

Arleigh Burke Operational Excellence

CAPT Raymond A. Komorowski Photography Award

Surface Warfare Hall of Fame

Expert Shiphandler Award

Master Gunner George Sirian Meritorious Service Award

Naval War College Surface Navy Association Award
Old Salt
Old Tar
RADM Herbert E. Schonland Award for Excellence in Damage Control
Recruit Division Commander of the Year Award
Recruiter of the Year Grant
Sailors of the Year
Senior Enlisted Academy Naval Heritage Award
Special Recognition
Stephen Decatur, Jr.
Support of Chapter Awards Program
Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman of the Year Award
Surface Navy Literary Award
Surface Warfare Historical Remembrance
United States Naval Academy YP Squadron Commodore Award
Chapter Membership Excellence Award
CMC/Senior Chief Recognition Award

The Surface Navy Association maintains a dynamic awards program to award our Sailors, Cuttermen, Dependents, future Sailors and Civilian military supporters through a wide spectrum of opportunities to include recognition and monetary awards.  Recognition takes place annually with major awards presented at the Annual Symposium held in Alexandria, VA.  These awards recognize some members of our community whose achievements, in a variety of pursuits, have warranted individual recognition for their contribution to the legacy of Surface Warriors. These individuals are not the complete list of those worthy of such recognition. They, in a sense, are representative of all of our heroes, past and present, who have served their Navy and their nation in the surface ships of the Fleet. These awardees have, however, distinguished themselves as being exceptionally worthy representatives of that larger list, and exemplify the qualities that have marked the Surface Warrior over our history.

2014 SNA National Symposium Awardees

Admiral Arleigh Burke Surface Warfare Excellence Award
LT Chris Bland, USN
LT Brandon Christian, USN
ETC(SW) Sean Evans, USN
FCC(SW) John Trowbridge, USN

Admiral Zumwalt Award for Visionary Leadership
GSE1(SW) Jasper Cevidanes, USN
LT David Duprey, USN

Naval Surface Forces Shiphandler of the Year Award
ENS Tim Dover, USN
LT George Kunthara, USN

Surface Force Independent Duty Corpsman of the Year Award
HM1(SW/EXW) Mahtob Johnson, USN
HM1(SW/FMF) Andres Santamaria, USN

Captain Raymond Komorowski Photography Award
CAPT Robert Lang, USN (Ret)
MC3(SW/AW) Karolina Oseguera, USN
LTJG Ashley Allison

Special Recognition Awards
RADM Dennis Conley, USN (Ret)
VADM Al Herberger, USN (Ret)
CAPT Robert 'Ron' Jenkins, USN (Ret)

Surface Navy Literary Award
CAPT John Cordle, USN and
Dr. Nina Shattuck

Surface Warfare Historical Recognition
"Battle of Lake Erie"

2014 First Place
CAPT Raymond A. Komorowski Photo Award

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